Rules & Regulations

Golf Rules & Regulations

Tee Times
Weekday tee times can be made one week in advance.

Weekend tee times are decided by draw. Members must fill out a card requesting their desired playing time by Tuesday evening. The golf shop will allocate tee times on Wednesday morning. Feel free to contact the golf shop to be informed of your tee time or to be paired with a compatible group.

Pace of Play
This course is designed to be played in four hours. Remember, stay right behind the group in front of you, not just ahead of the group behind you.

All members and guests are encouraged to play "Ready Golf," which means you need to mentally prepare for your next shot while you are walking or riding to your golf ball.

Rules of Play
Slow play is a deterrent to everyone’s enjoyment of the facility. An 18-hole match is expected to clear the course in four hours. The marshal has the authority to ask any group to stand aside while the following group plays through. Each player must have his/her own set of golf clubs.

A group that falls more than one open hole behind the group ahead must invite the group behind them to play through, or skip a hole to catch the group ahead.

Players stopping at the clubhouse between nines and unduly delaying play will lose their place on the next tee. Permission must be received from the golf shop before continuing play.

Players who, with permission from the golf shop, begin their round on a hole other than the first hole, without a tee time, have no preference in teeing off at the first tee.

Course Restrictions
Tuesday before noon is reserved for the MeadowBrook Country Club Women’s Golf Association.

Saturday before noon is reserved for primary member play. Each membership has selected who the primary member will be.

All MeadowBrook Golf Association events have precedence over primary member play.

Players under the age of 18 may play after 2:00 pm on Tuesdays; before 10:00 am or after 2:00 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays; after 2:00 pm on Saturdays; and after 1:00 pm on Sundays.

The course is closed on Mondays.

It is every member’s responsibility to help maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the course. Please take pride in your course by observing the following items:

Repair all ball marks and divots. Sand is provided on each of the carts for the repair of divots.

Place all trash, including broken tees, in the appropriate receptacles.

Report any damage to the golf shop or club manager.

Only primary and alternate designee members are allowed to take complimentary carts to the practice facilities.
Children age 11 and under will not be charged a cart fee when accompanied by a parent.


The 90 degree rule is always in effect when carts are allowed off of the cart paths. The 90 degree rule means to stay on the cart paths until you are even with your ball, then go straight to your golf ball and return straight back to the cart path after making your shot.

Dress Code
Men’s shirts must have collars. Women's and men’s shorts must be of Bermuda length or a style specifically designed for golf (no shorter than mid-thigh length). All the following types of clothing are prohibited on the golf course and practice facilities: Swimsuits, t-shirts, denim pants and shorts/jeans of all types and designs, gym wear (sweat pants, athletic type warm-ups, etc.), short shorts, coach’s shorts, cut-offs, running shorts, tennis-length skirts, tank tops and halter tops. Management reserves the right to regulate footwear worn on the golf course.

Jr. Golf Program & Code of Conduct
This program is designed to promote junior golf. It is offered for all children of members from age 8 to 18 years of age. To ensure the enjoyment of the club by all members and their guests, a code of conduct has been implemented for our junior players. We are asking for parents' help in implementing this Jr. Code of Conduct. The obligation of enforcing these rules lies primarily in the hands of a carefully-trained staff, whose principle responsibility is to ensure members enjoy all the courtesies, comforts and services to which they are entitled. It is the duty of the membership to know the club rules and to cooperate with management and staff in the enforcement of these rules.

1) Every player must wear golf shoes or tennis shoes and must have his/her own set of golf clubs and golf bag.

2) Proper attire must be worn at all times. Men's shirts must have collars and women's and men's shorts must be of Bermuda length or a style specifically designed for golf (no shorter than mid-thigh length). All of the following types of clothing are prohibited on the golf course: Swimwear, denim shorts/pants, gym-wear (sweat pants, athletic type warm-ups, etc.) short shorts, coach's shorts, running shorts, tennis length-skirts, cut-offs, tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts, and other dress of similar nature.

3) All players must register with the golf shop at least 10 minutes before commencing play, so that the starter may control traffic on the course.

4) On weekends, juniors may not play before 2:00 pm on Saturdays and 1:00 pm on Sundays. Weekdays juniors can tee off after 2:00 pm on Tuesday, and before 10:00 am or after 2:00 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

5) When practicing, all golfers are to use the driving range and practice facility only. Under no circumstances are the regular tees, greens or fairways to be used as practice areas. Primary and alternate designee members have priority on the practice tee.

6) No more than five (5) juniors per group are permitted.

7) If a playing group of golfers falls one clear hole behind the group in front, the slow group must invite the group behind it to play through.

8) Golf carts may be operated by anyone 16 years of age and older, providing that person has a valid driver's license and pays the appropriate cart fee. Only primary and alternate designee members are allowed to take complimentary carts to the practice facility. Golf carts are to carry no more than two (2) riders and two (2) golf bags at any time.

9) No child under 12 years of age is permitted to play the golf course unless accompanied by a member parent or guardian. Minors must be certified as "A" players by the head golf professional in order to play without being accompanied by a member parent or guardian.

10) Adults have priority over minors at all times with regard to course availability, with the exception of management sponsored minor golf programs.

11) The golf professional, acting under the supervision of the manager, has responsibility for supervision and control of all matters relating to play on the golf course. The golf professional may refuse privileges to anyone who, in his or her judgment, violates the rules of play, etiquette or dress code. Responsibility for such supervision may be delegated to starters or marshals.

For more information, or to explore membership opportunities at MeadowBrook, please call (918) 252-4121.